Appellation for al Qaeda in Mesopotamia | 18.05.05

Terrorists? Militants? Insurgents? Today’s Bangkok Post has a dandy new suggestion: Sunnis.

Bangkok Post: “Sunnis blast charter calls”

Sunnis blast charter calls

Say those involved in drafting are ‘infidels’

Dubai — Iraq’s al-Qaeda blasted calls by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for Sunni Muslims in Iraq to participate in drafting a new constitution, saying those who did would be infidels, according to an Internet statement.

“The crusaders’ hag [Rice] came to sully the land of the caliphate… and wants the participation of apostates and secularists claiming to be Sunnis,” the group led by Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said in the statement posted on Tuesday on a Web site used by Islamists on Tuesday.

What’s next? Bin Laden as the voice of the Third World?

PS If you think my extrapolation is hyperbolic, just wait till you see the Thai-language press.

PPS Although the news item is attributed, along with three others about Iraq, to “agencies”, the lede makes clear that it is based on the Reuters article headlined “Iraq’s Qaeda warns Sunnis against constitution”. Noting earlier the Bangkok Post’s penchant for tinkering with wire reports’ headlines, I gave some benign examples and warned of the slippery slope. Now you can see for yourself the abominable depth to which the self-proclaimed “newspaper you can trust” is capable of slipping.

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