Wish I were so “unpopular” | 14.03.05

In its typical fashion, the Bangkok Post reports Bangkok residents’ reaction to the new cabinet: (Mar 13, 2005, article quoted in full)

Sudarat change unpopular

Bangkok residents are most unhappy with Sudarat Keyuraphan becoming agriculture minister, Adisai Bodharamik staying on as education minister and Uraiwan Thienthong being reappointed culture minister, according to the latest Bangkok University poll.

The disapproval rating for Ms Sudarat was the highest of all cabinet members on 24.8%, followed by Mr. Adisai on 23.2% and Ms Uraiwan on 21.6%.

The respondents were most satisfied with the return of Somkid Jatusripitak as finance minister and deputy prime minister (78.8%), re-appointment of Visanu Krua-ngam as deputy prime minister (75.6%) and Surakiart Sathirathai becoming deputy prime minister (73.1%).

The overall rating, however, showed that majority, 66%, were generally pleased with the new cabinet line-up. Only 10% were dissatisfied.

Urgent problems which the respondents want the government to tackle, many of which have turned up in previous polls, are the high prices of household commodities (23.4%), the southern separatist violence (20.7%), traffic congestion (20.2%) and corruption (15.2%).

[Emphasis added]

I’m surprised the Post didn’t headline this story “Overwhelming 10% rejects new cabinet”. They must be trying hard to maintain a balance.

Still, too many numbers are (intentionally?) left unreported and too many questions unanswered. But fear not, what the Bangkok Post shall miss, my toil will strive to mend. Here’s more comprehensive statistics from the poll in question.

The three ministerial choices most popular with Bangkok residents:

satisfieddissatisfiedno opinion
Somkid Jatusripitak78.87.214.0
Visanu Krua-ngam75.610.913.5
Surakiart Sathirathai73.112.614.3

And the three most unpopular:

satisfieddissatisfiedno opinion
Sudarat Keyuraphan60.924.814.3
Adisai Bodharamik62.723.214.1
Uraiwan Thienthong54.021.624.4

So the most “unpopular” appointment in the new Thaksin government enjoys an approval/disapproval ratio of 2.5 to 1. Being “unpopular”, she of course trails a bit behind the economic superstar, Khun Somkid, at 10.9 to 1, and the overall cabinet at 6.6 to 1. Mr. Rove, is that you salivating?

Come to think of it, someone should conduct a poll on the public satisfation with the Bangkok Post and the rest of Thailand’s slanted and shoddy media. I’ll take the lead right here and right now. Are you satisfied?

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Zato 15.03.05

Just a couple of questions from afar: One, what special insight might residents of an urban metropolis such as Bangkok have regarding agricultural policy and who therefore is best qualified to direct policy concerning it? Second, does the prestigious Bangkok University conduct opinion polls such as this in the whole of Thailand or do they simply keep within the confines of Krung Thep? I ask only because it seems that I’ve seen in the past what seem to be a curious amount of polls published in the BP and elsewhere that don’t seem to take into account the opinion of anyone who lives outside of the capitol.

Dusty 16.03.05

Well, it’s nice to know that the Thai press isn’t unique. I’d hate to have to establish and keep track of which country’s press has which believability score.