About me | 24.02.05

It’s tricky writing about oneself. One doesn’t easily find the right balance — to present and not advertise, to reveal and not expose, and to engage and not buttonhole. That task is made all the more difficult on the web, where the reader is whoever happens upon this corner of cyberspace, each with his own interests and tastes.

Thus resolved to benefit all and favor none — not to mention make my life easier — I have chosen here to make public ten random pieces of personal information, and give them no structure or style beyond an ordered list. Heaven willing, you will find a tidbit or two that you consider worthwhile.


  1. Live in Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Am the fool on the dune
    Tom on a desert dune
  3. Once studied English in Arkansas (yes, that very state that spawns Bill Clinton and WalMart)
  4. Believe in science and reason
  5. Don’t believe in reincarnation, naturally
  6. Would love to read these books
  7. Ate durian once and failed to have any impression whatsoever
  8. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University
  9. sais parler chinois; 也会讲法语
  10. Am writing a book about the Thai media (in Thai, for now).

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Welcome | 22.02.05


This web site originates from my desire for a test outlet for chapters of the book about the Thai media (in Thai) that I’m writing. One thing led to another. If the book, why not other stuff? And if other stuff, why not other stuff in English? So here we are. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Technical note: I coded the site myself and have tested it only on Windows’s Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 1.0. I’d love to hear about your browsing experience here, especially if you’re using some other system (like Macintosh’s Safari) and something looks off.

Photo: St. Joseph’s Church’s exterior (apparently co-opted by the school that surrounds it), Shanghai, 2002.

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