He was just trying to help | 22.09.05

Some kind of conspiracy may have been hatched with the intention of sowing unrest. It is actively going on and the authorities must not fall prey to it, knowingly or unknowingly.

Democrat Party Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva, in response to the killings of two Thai marines, broached the possibility of the government’s knowingly falling for a conspiracy, presumably in pursuit of a greater one.

PS Realizing as much as anyone that the Bangkok Post’s “quotes” are unreliable, I’ll be happy to modify or retract this post if anyone can show me that Khun Abhisit is misquoted.

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poststaffer 22.09.05

Even by your standards, Tom, that’s a miserable contribution.

The media is full of cant you could take apart at the moment, whether it’s the much celebrated ”popular movement” which forced Grammy to give up its shares in Matichon last week; or this week’s double murder in the South, which journalists, academics and other sorry types are falling over themselves to excuse as a simple ”misunderstanding” on the part of innocent village folk.

Get with it, man, or you’ll soon forfeit the right to call this a blog that matters a damn.

Tom Vamvanij 22.09.05

Post Staffer,

Easy, man. The subject meant in the title ( “Just wanted to help”) is Abhisit Vejjajiva, not me. Perhaps I’ll change it now to avoid confusion by other people.

The Thai media has always been full of BS, not least the self-congratulatory kind. It’s just gotten hyperactive of late. Now you think that doesn’t bother me? Would it make you feel better if I told you I could not sleep at all on Tuesday night because my head was buzzing with ideas to take down the international media’s infatuated descriptions of that Matichon rag? That extravagantly lengthy post is coming up this weekend, okay?

With regard to your last comment, I forfeit that “right” right now. This blog doesn’t matter a damn. If it did, I would either post more often or host a radio talk show. My Thai-language blog, which I haven’t updated since July 7, doesn’t matter, either. Now the book that I’m writing may matter if I ever get it done (I’ve just scrapped everything I’ve written so far), but here I am writing a reply in English that will get read by more people outside of Thailand than inside.

JW 23.09.05


Keep up the good work.

It all reminds me of some Thai friends who used to get a little bit too worked up about the X-Files. Some people seem to find it easier to believe in a conspiracy than simple facts.


Intelmalayu 4.10.05

Who is da dude? Abhisit Vejjajiva/
Anywayz, Thai people are stupid. They believe everything they say in the media. Their media are propagandist like the ones you found back in WWII. Thailand is so backwords.Its like the media like to give credibility to themselves. What a corrupt organization.
#1—>A paraphrase of The Nation: Thailand is a small money with lack of funds.
—>Well good and I hope you guys stay that way too!
#2—>A parahrase of Thai media: We so strong we kill our southerns because dat dirty fool thaksin.
Combine the two—>I get it Thailand is a small third world nation whos is rifed with savages. DENY NOT!
=Great one of the few countries in the world where their media outlets derogate themselves and the whole nation. And Thai people agree with it. I heard them on tv. so don’t call me wrong =Stupid:)

poststaffer 8.10.05

Thailand is so backwords….

Darling, it’s time you learnt a little English. You find a little on the back of that pack of explosives your fingering.