Clickable post titles | 17.10.05

On the main log, with comment counts when applicable. No more need to scroll through a long entry just for the minuscule links and count at the bottom.

Of course, if comments are what you’re after, then you’ll still have to scroll though the post once you get to the individual page. But c’est la vie.

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post staffer 21.10.05

Nothing here, again. You evidently take the Chinese view of time, Tom.

Tom Vamvanij 21.10.05

Thai view, Post Staffer. Thai View.

poststaffer 21.10.05

Fat ones or thin ones, any post at all would be nice.

Friday night is usually the night when you work up something for us, Tom…so how about it?

Tom Vamvanij 21.10.05

Okay. Watch this space.