Abhisit Vejjajiva’s biography | 6.03.06

I swear my prep school application read better than this:

Abhisit Vejjajiva or “Mark” was born on the 3rd of August 1964 in Newcastle, England. Abhisit has two sisters, and is the youngest of three children fathered by Athasit Vejjajiva M.D., and Sodsai Vejjajiva M.D. as their mother.

As a well-rounded person, Abhisit did not only excel academically, but is keen on many sports, particularly football (soccer) being his favorite, a sport he still enjoys to this very day.

Abhisit is an avid football fan, especially the English Premier League (he is particularly dedicated to Newcastle United FC.) Surprisingly, Mr.Abhisit is also capable of analyzing football matches with great expertise and depth.

Abhisit obtained a bachelor’s degree with First class honour - (he is only the second of two Thais to have graduated with this distinction) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and a Master’s degree in Economics, both from Oxford University. He also obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from Ramkamhaeng University in 1990. At Oxford he was always actively engaged in the university’s extra-curricular activities and was elected President of St.John’s College Junior Common Room. Nevertheless, while studying abroad, he had always found time to pursue his passion for Thai politics by following news updates.

At the age of 27, Abhisit entered politics. Ever since his first step into the political arena, Abhisit has dedicated his time and interest to the pursuit of his dream, the dream of being part of a process that would transform the Thai political system for the better. Fortunately, Abhisit’s commitment to the Thai political future does not only serve his personal aspiration, but also the interest of Thai society as a whole.

My o my. I’d like to believe Khun Abhisit didn’t pen those words himself, but if he were to author one thing on his personal website, it would have to be this. And as far as taste and judgment are concerned, it sure wasn’t out of his character, nor that of his fellow elite democrats (scroll down).

PS How does this bio compare with the one Anand Panyarachun wrote for the UN? Tough call. The latter’s grammar and syntax were certainly better, but its content was also, implausibly, even more narcissistic.

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posstaffer 8.03.06

If he was fan of the ballet, I wonder how it would have read…whether he would toot his horn with the same enthusiasm.

‘Surprisingly, K Abhisit is capable of
analysing a Pas De Deux in great expertise and depth.’

That reminds me of this wonderful excerpt from an idiot’s guide to ballet on the net:

An audience member is allowed to clap when the conductor enters his box. Clapping is also welcome at the end of each piece. There are times when it is acceptable to respond favorably, such as when a dancer performs exceedingly difficult passages, or the ensemble work is especially exciting. Never should the audience clap to the rhythm of the music.

But back to everybody’s favourite college chum Abhisit. So, he followed news updates while studying abroad? Wow. I am impressed. So some news of the comings and goings in this exotic Kingdom does get out. Who would have thought.

leeyiankun 17.03.06

Well, the football paragraph was kind of hilarious, don’t you think?
At least it means that if he wants to make a living through football gambling, when he retires from politics….

PAC 24.05.06

That really is too funny. Thanks for posting it!